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Wales strongest man 2013 Update

Last night Alex Gibby has confirmed that he isn’t in a position to promote Wales strongest man this year due to personal circumstances, so it was decided that Rick Foster would take up the mantle and promote the competition. The date and events are to stay the same as Rob Bush advertised at the end of 2012.

The competition will be held at Presthaven Sands, North Wales on 2/6/13 entry for spectators will be £5 and that includes the whole days entertainment on the holiday park this should guarantee massive crowds and the possibility of decent prize money.

This will also be televised for Challenge TV and we will be having a full 1 hour slot and Glenn Ross will be over to present the show.

As for the weighted classes and ladies Tyron jones has taken on these comps and is holding them at dragon cross fit in cardiff the under 105′s catagory has £500 prize money for the winner plus top 3 get an invite to bsm u105 and the winner will also be invited to europes sm

Arnold Classic Celebrates 25th Anniversary

As you probably already know our very own Simon Johnston set off yesterday to compete in the Arnold Classic Amateur strongman competition (Keep checking back for updates). The fact Simon was able to get there was down to some very generous people who donated some of there hard earned cash after Simon’s initial sponsor fell through.

We would like to say a big thanks to the following people who helped Simon raise a total of £1.3K to get to the USA.

  • Alan Mahoney 
  • Aled Shearn 
  • amy brothwood 
  • Andrew Guyott 
  • andrew lawson 
  • Ben Brunning 
  • Big Style Fashions Limited 
  • Bill Moors 
  • Chris Field 
  • Chris Redgers 
  • Chris Redgers 
  • claire mccaw 
  • David Edwards 
  • e-Pembrokeshire 
  • Gary Dyson 
  • Guy Murray 
  • Hanne Bingle 
  • Jennifer McGivern 
  • Jessica Radcliffe 
  • John Hancock 
  • Joseph Gorton 
  • Kelvin Gardner 
  • kevin boulton 
  • lisa dixon 
  • lorraine harris 
  • mathew spence 
  • mathew spence 
  • maximilian semple 
  • Michael Themistokleous 
  • Oliver Klander 
  • Paul Lee 
  • paul skelly 
  • Peter Hughes 
  • pondbargains 
  • Richard Davison 
  • Richard Foster 
  • richard vaudin 
  • samc martin 
  • Scott Maw 
  • scott rowley 
  • sharon mccaffrey 
  • Shaun Mccormack 
  • Stuart Warren 
  • Teri Stueck 
  • Thomas Kelly 
  • Warren Jones 
  • William Oliver 
  • William Sanderson 
  • william spence

Thank you for you kind generosity.

For more details on the Arnold Classic

Wales Strongest Man Needs Your Help To Get To The Arnolds In The USA

Co-founder of this site Simon Johnston has a place at the Arnold’s strongman competition in the USA but his sponsor has fallen through, can you or your company help fund his trip and get some worldwide positive press at the same time?

If you can help get in touch with Simon


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